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Standard Operating Procedures for Purchasers of Real Estate Property Pursuant to Real Property Law §442-H

Openhouse.gifGet Ready For Your New York Property to be Shown!

Steps you can take for your New York City property to look its best for Broker Previews, Open Houses, and Buyer Showings

  • Open the drapes and shades, and turn on the lights to make your house look bright and cheerful.
  • Pick up toys, reading material, games, dishes, shoes, nic nacs, personal items.
  • Put away all personal pictures of family or children's art.
  • Wash Windows and sills.
  • Vacuum on a daily basis.
  • Check all pipes for leaks and have them repaired.
  • Have fresh plants or flowers around.
  • Keep dishes out of sight and all bath and kitchen counters cleaned off.
  • Be sure the beds are made and all clothes, stuffed animals, awards, toys and books are put away.
  • Organize closets - Hang shirts, dresses, coats color wise and facing the same way, line up shoes.
  • Any fixture you want to take with you, replace it now. You don't want the prospective buyer to fall in love with a piece you know you will be taking with you.
  • Replace any burned out light bulbs or fans.
  • Bathrooms should have any cracked tiles repaired. Caulking replaced around tub or shower, toilet replaced if damaged.
  • Ceiling tiles or holes in walls repaired.
  • Box up extras to open up the room.
  • Keep pets out of the way and off the furniture.
  • If you must be home during a showing, have children go to play dates or out in the back to play.
  • Be sure your home address numbers are clearly visible from the street.
  • Secure jewelry, cash, prescription medication, and other valuables.
  • Turn off the Television and turn on some soft music.
  • The best thing to remember is to remove anything that personalizes the property. Think of it as a step toward your move!
  • Potential buyers tend to feel more comfortable if the owners are not present. Try and schedule grocery shopping or small short trips during showings.

Now....Stand back and go through every room. Ask yourself if there are items that may make this room look smaller; extra bookshelf, TV.

Ask yourself if you would like to see more of the home from your first impression. Trust that we will show your property to its best advantage.

If you are leaving town, please notify me and leave a number where you can be reached.

Contact our Manhattan office For scheduling an Open House.
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    Lee Presser
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