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Tips for Searching for Apartments in Manhattan
I recommend that you let our office search for your apartment in Manhattan, whether you're looking for Upper West Side Condos or Midtown Co-Ops or or an apartment in any part of Manhattan. Why? 

This is what I offer:

Knowledge: The process of buying an apartment in Manhattan is very different than in any other market throughout the world. I can show you the best Manhattan apartments on the market that meet your criteria, guide you through the process, and reduce the likelihood of you losing a Manhattan apartment to another buyer, an occurrence that happens very frequently.

Experience: I may be familiar with the very building that is of interest to you and provide you with invaluable information about it. The process of buying an apartment in Manhattan is extremely complicated and time consuming. I understand the process and have the time to take care of every detail necessary to complete the transaction.

Time: I can dedicate more time for your search than you can. Buying a Manhattan apartment is probably only one of the many things you need to find time for, particularly if you have a job and a family. I often spend up to 60 hours a week helping buyers find the best apartments available.

Selection: You may be surprised to learn that only about 15% of all Manhattan apartments on the market are advertised in the New York Times each week. There are many reasons for this. Agents can't be in two places at the same time, and if an agent has several listings, time will only allow for two, or occasionally three, open houses per week. 

It's also too expensive to advertise every apartment every week. Most real estate agencies have a limited advertising budget that provides for only a few ads per property, and if the apartments in Manhattan are on the market for several months, more often than not, they are not advertised.

Price: I have data showing how much other Manhattan apartments went for and the date they were sold. This data is used to price apartments, and can be used to negotiate a good deal. Without a comparative market analysis of Manhattan Apartments, you might pay too much for it.

Here is an example of a Comparative Market Analysis.

Negotiation: I am trained to negotiate, and, as a result, I may be able to save you thousands of dollars. It's been proven, time and again, that third-party negotiators negotiate better than buyers.

Services: I have good relationships with the mortgage brokers, lawyers, architects and construction workers you will need in the process of buying and remodeling your Manhattan apartment.

Board packages: Co-ops require board packages. There truly is an art to filling out board packages properly and persuasively. The Board package is a critical component of the process of owning a Manhattan apartment, by which consideration is given to a potential buyer. I know how to present you in the best possible light when constructing the board package.

It's free!: Using a buying agent is free to you. The seller(s) usually compensate the selling agent with a commission of 6% of the contract price. Since most buyers employ an agent to help them buy an apartment, the selling agent shares the 6% commission with the buying agent, and each agent receives just 3% of the contract price. As a result, buyers do not save money by purchasing an apartment without the use of an agent. When they're alone in this venture, they provide the selling agent with the full 6% commission because there isn't another agent involved in the transaction.

Are you ready to get started?

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Lee Presser
Lee Presser
Lic. Associate Real Estate Broker
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