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Sellers - Why use a Manhattan Broker?
Manhattan sellers have been employing real estate agents for over a century. Nothing lasts that long unless it has value!
Here are a few of the many important benefits of using an experienced real estate agent like me to sell your apartment:
  • Experience: Selling an apartment is very different than selling anything else particularly in the Manhattan marketplace. MarketingCorcoran.jpg I sold approximately $15 million worth of property in the last year alone;I know how to do it and I spend nearly 100 hours a week making sure I do it well.
  • Price: Real estate agents sell property for more money than individual owners and we do it in much less time. We know how to price an apartment more competitively because we know the market and we have access to the asking prices. With condos, we can also obtain actual contract prices. And, in some cases, we can determine the optimum price by using the contract prices of partments recently sold in the same line of your building.
  • Coverage and Speed: Real estate agents have access to more buyers than individual owners. We have more resources to each more buyers. Quite simply, the more buyers we have access to, the more your property is worth, and the faster it will sell.
  • Exposure: Most individuals advertise their apartments for a few hundred dollars a week in The New York Times, a costly expense after a while. Yet most buyers rely on their brokers to find them apartments,and brokers rely more heavily on their proprietary database and industry websites than they do theTimes. This is an area in which I truly offer superior service: In addition to advertising properties in the Times, I also advertise all of my properties to every real estate agency registered with the Real Estate Board of New York. In addition, since the Internet is relied on by so many brokers and buyers, I advertise on the following Internet sites:
  • Corcoran Group
  • Realtor.com this is one the largest real estate website in the country.
  • CityRealty.com Is one of the oldest and largest Manhattan real estate Internet sites.
  • NewYorkTimes.com
  • Olr.com
  • Added Bonus! I have purchased a service that allows my properties on the Upper West Side to automatically be featured for buyers seeking properties in that area who use AOL, MSN, Excite, Yahoo, Google, Netscape Navigator, Overture, Juno, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and NBC all on the Internet!
  • Knowledge If it makes sense to do minor repair work before putting your apartment on the market, I will tell you. If work needs to be done, I can recommend good, reliable, fully-insured contractors. Then, when the apartment is ready to go on the market, it is important to know how to prepare the home for showing. I will arrange for professional photographers to come in. If necessary, I will prepare floor plans. I will also create top-quality show sheets. Property management needs to be contacted, offering plans need to be obtained, experienced lawyers often need to be referred and board packages (for coops as well as a smaller version for condos) need to be created and produced, often with up to seven or eight copies for board members. The board package needs to be absolutely perfect or the deal can fall apart.

    Knowledge of how to keep everything on track and the ability to detect problems with the deal in its early stage is of paramount importance. You can rely on me to make certain that you get the most money in the least time. In my hands, your deal is unlikely to fall apart.

  • Availability Apartments need to be shown when buyers are available to view them. If you have a life, a job, a family, chances are you aren't able to show the apartment up to 7 days a week. I can. I am, and I will.

  • Negotiating Not being emotionally involved, while being knowledgeable about market values, enables me to negotiate better than individual sellers.

  • In Summary There are many more reasons why sellers should always use a realtor to sell their apartments, but you get the idea. Interestingly enough, nationwide, 70% of all individuals who try to sell their home without the help of a realtor end up listing their home with a real estate agent anyway. Unfortunately, those people learn the hard way.

    If you use Corcoran Group and me to sell your home, you will be given something that no other real estate agency in Manhattan provides; a seller's guarantee. We put our promises in writing, and if we don't live up to all our promises, fire us! It's as simple as that!
    Ready to get started? Manhattan Real Estate and YOU!

TheBestApartments.com was created by my dear friend and coleague the late Scott Claster.
Lee Presser
Lee Presser
Lic. Associate Real Estate Broker
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