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Is The Big Apple Green?

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Thanks to its storied (and widely used) public transportation, energy-efficient housing and good water quality, New York City ranks a place among the nation's green cities. Central Park makes it even greener. Considered a folly of epic proportions when its 843 swampy, muddy acres were set aside in the 1850s, Central Park is a wilderness within the urban core. More than 80 percent of NYC residents use public transportation, something that earns the city bragging rights.
New Yorkers burn gasoline at the rate the U.S. did in the 1920s. The key to the city's low use of fossil fuels, pesticides and other energy sources is population density.

Calculated by square foot, New York City uses as much energy and produces as much solid waste as any city. Calculate by population, however, and the numbers shift. 

Per capita, New Yorkers use fewer resources and put less pressure on their surroundings than any other city of its size. 

So welcome to the Big Green Apple!Courtesy of New York News from Yahoo

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