eXp Realty NYC is committed to adhering to the guidelines of The New York State Fair Housing Regulations. 

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Standard Operating Procedures for Purchasers of Real Estate Property Pursuant to Real Property Law §442-H

Seller Checklist - Before you open up your home to prospective buyers you may want to  consider the following checklist for the Manhattan Seller...

Clean and Store Items

Store all bikes, toys and equipment out of sight. 
Get rid of unnecessary furniture. 
Clean closets and clear off counter tops.
Scrub all tile floors.
Clean all carpets. 
Clean all windows and mirrors. 
Clean stains in all sinks and tubs. 


Fix leaky faucets. 
Replace missing door or cabinet handles. 
Fix or replace broken appliances. 
Replace broken tiles in bathroom or kitchen. 
Paint if necessary. 
Discuss major repairs with Lee. 

Freshen Up

Stop smoking in the house. 
Bathe pets and clean out litter boxes. 
Empty all trash, recycle bins, etc. 
Dry-clean drapes and shampoo carpets. 
Use baking soda boxes in smell-prone areas. 
Place flowers, potpourri or air fresheners around the house. 

Ask a friend to be the"buyer" 

Invite a friend to walk through your Manhattan home for sale, like a buyer would. Get their opinion on whether or not it's inviting, clean and well-maintained. Make any changes they suggest.
Lee Presser
Lee Presser
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